About Me

Hey there! My name is Jared and I am the main guy behind Jaredism who has "healed" (or is under well-controlled) from deliberating Eczema, Orthorexia Nervosa eating disorder, and Ankylosis Spondylitis.


I always had childhood eczema but it was manageable. However, halfway into Army, my eczema flared up badly. This resulted in me developing an eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa. I tried different diets such as eating cleaner and cleaner from a standard omnivore diet to vegetarian then vegan and then finally raw vegan (mostly fruitarian) with extreme water fasting of 7 days and juice fast of 56 days included in the mix.

It did not help that I discovered I had ankylosis spondylitis, a genetic auto-immune condition which causes severe pain at my lower back / buttock area that made simple routine stuff like walking a challenge whenever I flared up. I even had to use a wheelchair when I went to Japan. You can imagine how useless I felt getting pushed by my older parents in a wheelchair.

Lastly, I also used to be addicted to pornography and masturbation, and have finally managed to overcome and quit it.

Why Start Jaredism?

I have seen and tried enough bullshit. After suffering for so long and wasting tons of $$ trying almost every natural and medical product in the market, ranging from western medicine, supplement and nutrition to acupuncture, traditional chinese medicine and chiropractor for various conditions like eczema, eating disorder and ankylosis spondylitis, I have discovered what works best and what doesn't.

It has been a long and painful journey for me that I do not wish upon anyone which is why I want to provide a resource. My mission is to reach out and help people reach their mental and physical goals in a healthy and sustainable way, through nutrition, natural products and the mindset that has worked for me.


From personal experience, the mind-body connection plays an important role for long-term holistic healing after the initial help you get from supplements or medicines. You should not need to rely on them forever or at least minimally. After all, what you think, you become.

I believe self-improvement is important to grow as a person both mentally and physically. Therefore, I would like to share my opinions on certain stuff that I do which is beneficial to me and may help you along your journey too!

Lastly, I am a certified AFPA Health & Wellness Coach and enjoying helping others improve their quality and way of life. Click here to find out more about my coaching services.

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