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NoFap: 64 Days of Semen Retention (No PMO)

First and foremost, this is a very personal story of mine that I'm sharing cause I feel many men these days are suffering from porn addiction and excessive masturbation with the rise of high speed internet porn. I will explain about the harmful effects of porn and how it negatively affects the mind and body in a separate post. This post will touch on the experiences and challenges I faced during the first 64 days of my NoFap and semen retention journey.

No PMO = No Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm

I started no PMO on 21 June 2020. My semen retention journey lasted 64 days from 21 June - 24 August. However, I am still on my porn-free and masturbation-free journey, which I believe is most important to heal your mind, and improve your life.

Prior to this long streak, I had 2 other fairly long streaks of 20+ days that share similar experiences to this long streak (for the first 20+ days). However, porn got the better end of me the previous 2 times. This time however, I had enough self-control and did not relapse to porn.

I have tried to do NoFap several years ago, but always fail to do so. Every time after I watched porn and masturbated, I felt like shit. But my addiction always got the better of me and made me return to it. I always knew that porn and masturbation is harmful both mentally and physically but the main reason why I was so motivated to quit this time round was because I found out that it was the cause of my erectile dysfunction.

You see, society has normalised fapping and made it seem like a normal thing to do. Most guys do it several times a week, and some even multiple times a day. For me, I don’t masturbate that often, but I was always addicted to the dopamine fix that porn gives me. It’s like a drug.

I was surfing nasty websites and watching it pretty often. This made me realised I had a porn addiction and it was time to put it to a stop. Since fapping without porn is almost impossible, as these two go hand-in-hand, I decided to eliminate fapping as well. Also, have you ever realised how tired you feel after ejaculation? This is because the semen contains Jing which is known as the vital life force that is full of nutrients.

Having sex and connecting with your lover is okay but wasting your life force through your hand watching 2 people go at it in the screen is ridiculous. I'm not even going into the morals of the porn industry here, but watching others having sex while masturbating to it? That doesn't sound like what a successful guy would do. Come on, I'm sure you guys can do better than that. When on NoFap, you will naturally be on semen retention until you meet a girl or a girlfriend to have sex with and ejaculate.

I used to have an accountability buddy and even tried to download internet blocker, but it was to no avail. You will never stop having urges, and keep relapsing until you are truly determined to stop. Another advice is to AVOID INSTAGRAM, at least during the first 30 days. This is because there are too many girls showing that something extra which is potentially triggering. Only when you have a good enough reason to stop will you then be able to.

The reason could be wanting to have a better relationship with your partner, stop wasting your time and seed on a screen that does not love you back, PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) which was my main reason, or just wanting to challenge yourself and see what benefits you can experience along the NoFap journey (which was also my reason). Ultimately, you can hear what the science or others say, but your own experience is your best teacher.

Below are some of the reported benefits that people experienced during semen retention:

Source: Semen retention reddit

Do keep in mind that everyone’s progress may be different. Some may experience more or less benefits, earlier or later, depending on how addicted they were to pornography and masturbation. After all, not PMO-ing is just resetting your brain to normal levels. However, to some, this normal level of “high” feels like a superpower that is unlocked when they are on NoFap.

Before you read on, do note that my personal experience may contain TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Day 0 – Day 14 (Weeks 1 & 2)

Normally after an ejaculation, you experience something call the "Chaser Effect". It is known as the intense desire to fap that sometimes hit 1-3 days after sexual acts. Don't give in to it. Have some self-discipline.

After that, for the first 2 weeks from my last fap, I slowly felt my energy levels rising. I felt less tired and more productive as the days went by. I was driven to actually work on my website and things I am passionate about, which was Health & Wellness.

Unfortunately, I was not really enthusiastic or motivated with my school related work (Economics & Finance), but I still made sure to study and prepare for my tests. I was focused on self-improvement and started meditating as well to clear my head of anxieties and stress.

At the end of the first 2 weeks, I realised that my complexion improved and my face was clear; free of pimples.

Day 15 – Day 28 (Weeks 3 & 4)

For weeks 3 and 4, I felt more confident in myself and started to love myself. I was always an insecure person and always felt that I was never good enough. In no way am I cocky, but I started comparing myself less to others and feel generally happier about who I am and what I was given and born with.

During then, I also went on dates with 3 females, 2 whom I clicked well with, and 1 not so. NoFap is not going to miraculously turn you into a chick magnet and get you all the ladies, but with those 2 girls that I could click with, I felt a greater level of chemistry than I did in the past. I did not have to think hard about what to say and conversations seems to flow more smoothly. I felt more grounded and wasn’t as anxious. Basically, social interactions felt more natural and less forced.

This is not to say I am a social monster. I am far from one and am usually quiet during group interactions. I prefer to observe and only give comments when necessary. In terms of mental benefits, I felt more calm and overthink less. I am less "in my head" and have overall less general anxiety.

However, if you have 0 dating experience and is awkward, you still got to work on your socialising and dating skills. But I do believe that NoFap will make you feel less awkward and more ready to “act on it”.

Also, since you are not constantly seeing “perfect” girls like those on porn all the time, you no longer have unrealistic expectations of the physical attributes of a girl, thus they look prettier than before, and you are more motivated to talk and hangout with a real girl instead of talking to your left or right hand.

Day 29 – Day 56 (Weeks 5,6,7,8)

(Extremely horny on Day 40)

(Felt spiritual on Days 45-50)

At the beginning of week 5, I started to feel like shit. I felt depressed, lonely, unmotivated, and lazy to do anything whether it be my schoolwork, website, or workout. I had body aches, headaches, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, restlessness, and was easily irritated. All this made me just want to lie in bed all day and do nothing. I had 0 libido too. This was when I realised I hit the flatline and it lasted the whole of month 2. It was long and scary.

What is a Flatline?

There are 2 kinds of flatline: emotional flatline and physical flatline. Emotional flatline is having feelings of depression and negative emotions while physical flatline is not being able to get hard (PIED) when aroused by a girl.

Flatline is a common part of NoFap and semen retention journey. It indicates that you were heavily addicted to PMO as your brain is bombarded with dopamine doses whenever you were doing PMO. When you used to watch porn and completely stop watching porn, your brain goes from high dopamine secretion to nothing. Therefore, the brain has to rebalance the dopamine reward system which results in a flatline.

Flatline is the ultimate test to get you to relapse. You have to be mentally strong to resist the temptation and urge to “test out your dick to see if it works” and just ride through the phase.

I was emotional during this period and wanted to isolate myself and not socialise but I forced myself to go out as much as possible.

The NoFap flatline ranges from a few days to months. This depends on your age and your level of addiction to porn and masturbation. Since most of you are adults, neuroplasticity takes a long time to improve. The more you watched porn and masturbated in your life, the longer the flatline will last. You may also face a few cycles of flatline before your brain is completely rebooted.

I know it may seem very long and scary, but you have to keep hope and let nature takes its course. You have been doing it for so long, just take it as a small sacrifice to pay. Trust me, it is worth it. Don’t worry, it is part of the healing process and is completely normal.

Day 57 – 64 (Week 9)

I started feeling better during this week and for some reason, I was extremely horny. My balls felt very full and filled to the brim. This is true as research has shown that it takes 64 days for a full sperm regeneration cycle (spermatogenesis).

I eventually ended my semen retention streak on Day 64 and ejaculated via PIV sex with a girl and I can say, for the first time in my life, I felt rock hard and my dick was fuller and thicker. I could get hard just from making out, which was difficult to achieve in the past.

And boy was I surprised, I didn’t know that I could ejaculate so much from abstaining that long. This was also probably due to me not having any wet dreams. Don't worry, I didn't ejaculate within a couple of seconds and managed to last quite awhile.

My Thoughts

Though my long streak of semen retention journey has ended, my NoFap journey still carries on. Porn is the true enemy as sex with a female that you had a connection with is natural, fun and enjoyable. It may even be beneficial to retrain your mind to get hard via physical touch instead of a screen. Just don’t overdo it and turn it into a sex addiction.

I know I am probably not fully healed from PIED yet, but this is fantastic progress for someone that always has difficulty getting hard. Based on many people's experience, it may take as long as 3 months to 9 months to fully recover.

Aside from that being the main motivator of my NoFap journey, I experienced other benefits as listed above. The benefits of NoFap is not a linear progression. There are ups and downs but overall, your mood will generally be on an upward trend.

However, I am definitely far from healed as I still have brain fog. I will update on it again maybe somewhere around the 120 days mark. Either way, this is a journey and not a destination. Just embark on this journey. Better late than never. THE TIME IS NOW.

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