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The Truth About Looksmaxing & How to Maximise Your Looks

The Truth About Looksmaxing

We live in a generation where looks matter more than ever. I'm sure all of you have tried maximising your looks in one way or another.

Some go through extreme measures to look the best they can. They undergo surgery to make their face look a certain way, such as a more angular facial structure and sharper nose, and botox injections to make their cheekbones higher.

Women putting make-up is normal. But recently, I have been noticing more and more men putting make-up, to make their face look white like those Kpop idols. So now we have men putting make-up to look better. That's a little excessive.

But it is what it is. I can't deny we live in a social media age where looks are priority. Looks do matter and people tend to treat someone differently based on their appearance. It is not wrong to improve yourself and look better, but what's toxic is when you become obsessed and overdo it.

It is going to consume you and you will be left miserable and depressed as you become dependent on other people's validation of you. You will never be contented and at peace with yourself because you are doing it for other people. You are unable to accept yourself so you need others to accept you.

Some might say that if you accept yourself when you are terribly unattractive, it is a form of coping mechanism. However, if you don't accept yourself now and always go against yourself, how are you going to accept who you are in future.

Go look in the mirror now and accept what you see. But then don't be lazy, put in the work to better yourself. Detach yourself from the outcome. If it happens, it happens. It's not that important. Learn to truly let go of the outcome and be free.

All of us have insecurities or features that we don't like about ourselves. I have a big nose, dry skin, thin and flat hair, small feet, no chiselled jawline while you may have acne, small boobs, small butt or a small dick... the list goes on forever. There are things wrong with all of us. It is made worse when we are our own harshest critics. Some of the items I listed, people probably don't even notice it.

If you don't accept who you are right now, you may improve your looks externally but internally, you will still feel inadequate and ugly. You will continue being obsessed with wanting to look better instead of appreciating how you look and be happy with how far you have improved your looks. This is why some people continuously undergo surgery after surgery, and are never happy.

There is nothing wrong with looksmaxing but you have to do it with right intentions. Accept and love yourself first, and then put in the work. Realise that it takes time and appreciate the process of looksmaxing.

Do what you got to do to look better, but after that, focus elsewhere. If someone is attracted to how you look, that's a bonus. Else, so what? You are more than what they think you are.

There are other ways to attract people. I'm sure you have noticed ugly ass guys with hella fine women. Looks is only one factor of the equation. There are other factors such as personality, charisma, status, and wealth to attract them in a different manner.

If you are a woman that is constantly focused on your looks and you can't go out nearby cause your make-up or hair is not done? Come on now, there is more to life than how you look. Life is a game, have fun and do what makes it fun and enjoyable for you.

My Story

Personally, there was a period whereby I was obsessed with my looks. Having just recovered from my health issues, I wanted to meet some girls and get a girlfriend. I wanted to be able to attract females and get their attention.

Growing up, I always felt like that skinny ugly nerd. I was upset why I did not inherit good genes and look as good as my peers. This brought down my confidence and made me shy to talk to people.

Initially, I was upset that I was not as handsome as those models I see on IG and YouTube. I was constantly critiquing myself and was always left frustrated about my physical features. The craziest one was when I was upset that I was so tall at 178cm. I wanted to be shorter at 170cm just so I would not look as skinny. That is ridiculous considering how everyone wants to be taller now.

One day, I decided to just accept how I look and be kind to myself. This was when I realised I started loving myself more and my mind was no longer consumed by such superficial thoughts. Certainly, I still want to look good but I am no longer obsessed and depressed.

With all that being said, let's find out the steps I took to maximise my looks, which you can follow to maximise yours as well.

How to Maximise Your Looks

I can tell you from first hand experience that looks do matter both online and in real life. Whether you like it or not, it certainly holds true to a large extent. People treat you better and respect you more. I'm not a model and you don't have to be one but you should do this 4 basic reasonable steps to improve your sexual market value as a man.

Step 1: Basic hygiene

You want to make sure you are shaving your face or trimming your beard (if you can grow one). If you are like me and know most asian guys who can't grow a full beard, clean shaving it will make you look younger and give off a cleaner look as well. I'm satisfied with how my eyebrows grow but if yours is a mess, consider threading it, else just leave it as it is and embrace it. Do brush your teeth regularly to ensure your teeth is as white as possible. Don't forget to visit your dentist twice a year and polish them up too.

Step 2: Get a haircut

You do not want to look like a hobo or a bum. Get yourself a decent haircut that suits your facial structure. A good haircut can enhance your charisma and physical appearance. It is also one of the features that everyone notices about you and the main reason why you should start working on it. You can search for inspiration online or seek a good hairstylist/barber. It is a good monthly investment.

Step 3: Get in shape

If you are overweight with a belly sticking out, it’s time to diet and exercise to shed off the pounds. Likewise, if you are thin like a stick, eat more, hit the weights and gain some mass.

You do not have to be massive with a six-pack, pecs and 20-inch guns. But at least look like you have a normal frame and are of a healthy weight class. Your body shape and size is a good representation of your state of health and longevity. It also makes you look more attractive. 3 months of strength training 3 times a week minimum will do wonders to your physique. Consistency is key. You will look better in clothes and in photos.

Step 4: Up your fashion game

If you are 18 and above, it is time to shop for your own clothes and not let yo mama do it for you. No more baggy jeans or sport shoes with rectangular frame spectacles that makes you look like a nerd.

For starters, get some basic white, grey or black tee. These monochrome-coloured t shirts can match any skinny fit jeans. You can add an outerwear on top of it too. For shoes, white sneakers should be a basic for everyone as it is easy to match and goes well with most outfits. If you can afford more, definitely add in Chelsea/timberland boots and loafers for a more varied look. I’m not really into the oversized T-shirt hypebeast fashion so if that’s your thing, you can look for inspiration online.

I am going to give you 2 types of outfits that I used for myself that is affordable and looks decent and beginner-friendly.

Outfit 1: Shirt, tapered ankle-pants, and loafers.

Outfit 2: T-shirt, denim jacket/Outerwear on top, jeans, sneakers.

Basically, just have a dressing style that you like that makes you look fashionable and not nerdy-looking. You do not have to break the bank and spend on luxurious apparels. There is always cheap affordable fashion brands for your budget like Uniqlo, H&M, Zara and Topman (slightly more expensive).

If you are wearing spectacles, choose a fashionable one that suits your face. For me, those Korean round glasses with thin frame suits me better than thick rectangular frames. Better still, learn to wear contact lens. You will look more attractive.

I only started wearing contacts last year at a very late age, so it’s never too late and there should be no excuses. It took me 45 minutes to put them on the first time, but it gets easier and quicker over time. It now takes me less than 5 minutes to put them on. My only regret is not wearing it earlier. Oh by the way, if you live in Singapore, buy from Malaysia, it’s way cheaper, about half the price.


The steps I showed above are what I personally did and are easy ways to start doing now to see results. There are other ways like mewing etc if you are interested. But remember to accept yourself first, and then make the changes.

What have you done in the past to improve your looks? Comment below!

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