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This Single Eczema Cream Cured Me & Changed My Life (Steroid-Free)

Hi I am sure most of you viewing this are probably suffering from eczema or have a loved one who is going through it now. I understand and relate to your pain and suffering and I hope my story below is able to help you out.

Eczema is the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed. There are several types of eczema: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and stasis dermatitis.

The most common one is atopic dermatitis and that is also the one I had.

How It All Started

Since I was a kid, eczema was in my blood. Whenever I had eczema flare ups, I would use the steroid creams recommended by doctors. It was manageable till I turned 21 and one year into National Service, I had a bad flare up.

However, this time round, I did not want to see a doctor and put steroid creams as it had bad side effects such as skin-thinning and topical steroid addiction, whereby one would need a stronger dose of steroid to calm down the eczema skin inflammation. I have tried many steroid creams like bethamethasone, mometasone etc.

Hence, I wanted to go on a natural cleansing path to get myself out of eczema naturally. This was the moment where I gradually went into an eating disorder and my eczema became even worse than before over a 3 year period.

After going to both specialist and polyclinic, I hesitated to see doctors as they only had the same old one and only solution; which was to apply topical steroid creams and moisturizers like QV and Cetaphil. After awhile, my main objective going there was to get MCs as I was so ill and itchy that I could not sleep. I could only sleep when the sun rose at 7 am as I get especially itchy during the night. I was scratching everywhere and the whole bed and floor was full of my dead skin flakes. It was gross and horrifying as the folds of my body were raw and bloody.

I even had a very bad neck skin infection at one point which was actually dangerous as I had a fever but I still avoided seeing the doctor (which is actually stupid for this instance). My body dysmorphia was so bad that I didn't want to wear my spectacles, I avoided lights and looking at the mirrors altogether, because of how bad my body (severely underweight) and skin was.

Simple daily task like bathing was so painful that I screamed and cried in showers. Over time, I was so afraid of having my skin exposed to water that I delayed bathing for several days, with the record being 14 days of not bathing and only using a wet towel to dry clean myself.

Natural or Alternative Medicines I Tried

(Disclaimer: Below are my experiences in relation to eczema. They may help in other areas of health)

Traditional Chinese Medicine for 1 month. (Pretty sure many of you would have seen this since it popped up under google ads and seems quite convincing.) It was so far from where I stayed which required 30 minutes of car journey (thanks mom) and I still had to queue up since you cannot book an appointment. After applying their black and white herbal natural creams, doing acupuncture and taking some powder supplements mixed in water that taste bitter as hell, I still felt the same after a month.

The routine was also ridiculous. I had to put alternate black and white creams every 3 hours, and as I was already not getting enough sleep due to my poor itch sleep cycle, there was no way I had the motivation to continue carrying on. And yeah, they're probably gonna say TCM takes time for your body to adjust blah blah but yup you can try it for 3 months and let me know how it goes. Perhaps mine was too serious and since I am also a rather impatient person who prefers seeing fast results, I could not wait.

Bio Resonance. "To use bioresonance, electrodes are placed on the skin and hooked up to a machine that “reads” the energy wavelengths coming from the body. This is the process of diagnosis. Then, those energy frequencies can be manipulated by the machine to allow the body’s cells to vibrate at their “natural frequency,” which purportedly treats the condition."

This was just utter bullshit. I cannot believe I was so desperate that I wanted to try it and fell for it. It was ridiculously expensive too. A package of 10 weekly sessions of sitting down on a chair, holding two metal rods in your hands for 30 minutes, and it will cost you $1000. She then told me to take 5 dropper-fulls of some special water that was created with my saliva, which was specially created for me every day to continue the healing effects. Utter bullshit.

At the end of the month there was no improvement and once I started something that worked (which I will say later) she went on to comment: sEe YoU aRe MaKiNg GoOd PrOgReSs. iT jUsT tAkEs TiMe To WoRk. Do not fall for that placebo bullshit folks. I even met a boy who had bad eczema like me and I showed him my before pictures and told him that this shit doesn't work and to stop wasting his time and money.

Naturopathy. As much as I want to support naturally healing, the "healing diet" that he told me to follow was too hard and was also one of the lead-ups to my eating disorder. So many foods were not allowed and it made me paranoid. Not only that, there were also a whole list of supplements I had to take. I could not last long with it.

Discovering The Eczema Cream Natural Treatment

Euzema Confidence Revival Cream

One day, my uncle sent me a video of this natural cream product he found on youtube. I watched it and there were many positive before and after testimonials with photos to back it up. However, I hesitated as it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE. Also, since many products I tried before have failed me, my hopes were not high.

How Long To See Results

The direction states to apply the ointment twice a day. Oh believe me, I was shocked that within the first 2 days of application, I no longer itched and scratched, and could finally sleep at night. Since it was worst at the beginning and more applications were needed, a small tub could only last about 2 weeks initially.

It took me 5 days to see some improvements and after 2 weeks, my skin improved a lot. I would say after 3 months, my skin looked normal and VERY well-controlled.

I was overjoyed as this is a natural product that has NO STEROIDS so it does not cause skin thinning and other negative side effects. What I like about is the texture which is unlike those greasy and oily moisturisers out there that make your skin hard to breathe. It also has a herbal chinese medicine scent to it.

Since eczema is a genetic skin condition, it may still come back on-off either from stress or the environment. But with this, whenever I start to itch a little, it goes away quickly. I am pretty much recovered now and seldom have to apply. Therefore, a bottle now could last me about 4-6 months compared to 2 weeks at the beginning.

If your condition is not as serious as mine and is only for a small itchy spot, a bottle would definitely last more than 2 weeks. By the way, some people have asked me if it works for psoriasis. I went to check with them and they say it works so you may want to try and see.

The Cost

A tub costs USD97 + USD9.90 shipping fee totals up to about SGD150. (Currently, there's a 1 for 1 promotion ongoing.) I know it is not cheap but I believe this is a small price to pay for being comfortable and happy in your own skin.

If you are living in Singapore and would like to purchase ready stocks or just 1 to try, you can DM me on IG or Carousell.

Otherwise you can purchase directly from them online which I will show you how below.

Euzema Confidence Revival Cream

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My Transformation

After all this talking, I shall walk the talk. A picture speaks a thousand words so here goes:

Transformation Of Others

Below are just some of the transformations of other people whom I personally know who have tried the Euzema Confidence Revival Cream and it worked for them.

Person A: Mum's friend's daughter

Person B: Uni friend

Person C: Domestic helper

Lastly, I hope that you will experience such great results for yourself too. I know Eczema is a pain in the ass and I would not want to wish it upon my greatest enemy.

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